May the Best Supply Chain Win

Kazuni is a 2-4 player strategy game, where each player tries to be the first to supply a city with what it needs to thrive.  To do so players must navigate unknown terrain, form a path to the city, and avoid attacks from opponents.

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After two years of design and development, Kazuni is almost ready for its initial release. We are planning a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign slated for 2023.

Kazuni began as a fun project for two brothers-in-law on a family vacation. While visiting with family and playing the standard games with our kids, the idea was born that “We could do this!  We could design a GREAT board game!” Thus, Kazuni was born. 

delivering Fun, one turn at a time

Supply Chain

Kazuni is set during the peak of the industrial revolution.  Opposing business moguls face off to supply a city with needed supplies

Supply Chains have become a part of our daily life. So much so that the President of the United States has talked about how impactful they are and yet how little we understand their details. Kazuni was designed with the goal of teaching some of the basics of supply chain management while making it fun for the whole family!  How you plan to overcome obstacles will determine whether emerge victorious or remain sitting on a pile of frustrated cargo.

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We will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first order of Kazuni.  Watch the video below to learn more.